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The dachshund breed according to recent surveys by American Kennel Club continues to be popular and consistently appears in the top 10 dog breeds of America.

Is the dachshund breed the dog for you?

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The breed is separated into two sizes Standard Dachshund and Miniature Dachshund; both are similar in nature and character.

There are three dachshund coat types, smooth haired, long haired and wire haired, each has their own unique traits that set them apart. They also appear in a wide variety of colors and patterns, more than in most other dog breeds.

Standard Dachshund

Weight 16 - 32 pounds   7.2  – 14.5 kg

Height 8 – 9 inches  20 - 23 cm

Life span 12 - 15 years

This is the larger of the Dachshunds and comes in the three coat varieties short haired (smooth), long haired and wire haired.They were originally breed to hunt badgers and foxes, so are built for strength and power.


Miniature Dachshund

Weight under 11 pounds or under 5 kg

Height 5 – 6 inches 13 -15cm

Life span 12 - 15 years

This is the smaller of the dachshunds and it seems to have become a very popular size. This small lighter built dachshund was originally bred to hunt rabbits that were destroying crops.

Smooth haired

Short haired or smooth which is the dog that really holds the title of sausage dog or wiener dog which is German for hot-dog. This coat is very short, dense and shiny so fairly easy care.This little dog is always full of fun and interested in everything.


Long haired

Next is the long haired coat which is thought to be a short haired crossed with a spaniel, this dachshund has a more aristocratic look with long coat similar to an Irish Setter. This type tends to be a littler quieter and with their long coat they are not suitable for tunneling so they are a bird dog.

Wire haired

The wire haired is the last of the group he is a bit of a character with a rough coat a beard and bushy eye brows he hardly looks like he's related.  He is a tough, strong, energetic little dog, breed to hunt badger, foxes and rabbits.


Dachshund Colors

  • Colors

  • Two Colors

Red, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Wheaton, Wild Boar

Black & Tan points, Chocolate & Tan points, Chocolate & Cream points, Blue & Tan points

Dapple dachshund

This is a very eye catching pattern; which can occur in all coat varieties and colors. The coat will have lighter and darker colors intermingled with dappling appearing in small areas of the coat or all over.


Piebald Dachshund also Brindle & Sable Patterns

The piebald pattern has become very popular in recent years; it can be breed in any color and coat variety as long as one parent is piebald. This pattern will have a base coat that’s white with a solid color over it.

The sable pattern is unusual and is not easy to recognize, can appear in short haired and long haired coats. Brindle pattern appears as stripes more than often black and chocolate over the dominate coat color, the red brindle is the most popular.


As dachshunds were originally bred as hunters they tend to be independent and courageous with a big personality, they can be a little stubborn, but are very smart and show great affection.

Dachshunds maybe small in stature but they make up for it with their attitude, they make excellent companion dogs or family pets.  

Breed standard

This is an overview of the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for the Dachshund, this describes the breeds general appearance and characteristics. We discuss the three coat varieties and also the different patterns and colors found within the breed.


We look into the past to see where the dachshund breed originated from and what they were initially breed for. Other interesting facts about them and how the Dachshund name came about.

As you can see the Dachshund breed is truly unique, they really stand out from the crowd and they just love people.

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