What is healthy dog food?

If you're anything like me, you only want to feed your little doxie, healthy dog food, offering good nutrition that is essential for his health.

You are not doing yourself or your dog any favors when you buy dog food on price not on quality.

Choosing a healthy dog food that suits your dachshund is not easy, as we all know, when you go and check out the brands in your local store or online.

There are soooo many, it can take hours just trying to read labels and sort out what you think sounds the best.

If you want your dachshund to eat healthy dog food and thrive choose a premium food not an economy brand as ingredients that are cheap are not usually the healthiest.

I feel that with veterinary costs today, it makes sense to spend a little more on your dogs food, so helps to ensure he stays healthier and not have to see the vet quite so often.

So as we say, you are what you eat - so is your dachshund -

See recommended healthy choice dog food

Healthy Dog Treats

There are a wide range of healthy tasty dog treats available for your dachshund  in several shapes and sizes, mostly small so a few will fit in your pocket.

We use treats for rewards when training our dachshunds and also for a snack instead of giving human food, which is often unsuitable for dogs.

There are some treats specifically made for dogs with a weight problem, others that aid in tartar control and keep your dog’s breath sweet.


Natural Dog Food

A Natural dog food many people feel is food similar to what the dog would eat in the wild, one brand is call BARF ( biologically appropriate raw food ) containing meat and vegetables, also natural dog food will not contain any artificial color, flavor, sugars or chemical preservatives.

Dog Foods labeled Natural dog food are available as raw food, dehydrated Freeze Dried, Dry Kibble, Canned/Rolled, or as nutritional supplements.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

Many foods that are popular with people and perhaps we want to share with our little doxie friend are toxic to dogs.

I was surprised to learn that there is quite a number so we need to be more aware of this problem and what foods are not good for dogs to eat.

Some reactions are milder but others are severe and can cause death.

Dog Food Ingredients

Some brands contain ingredients that have little nutritional value eg fillers, hard to digest grains and animal meal.

Grains that are often used as fillers are usually refined grains which have lost most of their nutritional value.


Grains to avoid, as these are difficult for dogs to digest are

  •            Wheat
  •            Corn 
  •            Soy 


Although grains are used as an additional protein source instead of meat, whole cooked grains are also a good nutritional source of  fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The problem with grains seems to be that some dogs have allergies and also some owners feel that grains are not a necessary ingredient in their dog’s diet.

Good grains and seeds which have good nutritional value

  •           Brown and white rice
  •           Millet
  •           Spilt peas
  •           Lentils
  •           Rolled oats
  •           Quinoa

Ingredients to Avoid

Any by products, preservatives, flavors, and colors that are artificial, some of these are BHT, BHA, Propylene glycol and Ethoxyquin.

The Meal Story

Like many owners out there I want to feed my dachshund only healthy dog food I was completely unaware of the importance of how meal in dog food is described on the label – poultry meal is a very inferior product, where as chicken meal is a superior product. Avoid meat meals that have the words by-products.

Inferior meals include:     

  • Meat Meal
  • Animal Meal
  • Poultry Meal
  • Meat & Bone Meal

So now you know the story behind these inferior meat meals, they may also come from a variety of sources which may include, road kill, meat by-products, dead/diseased farm animals, who knows - very scary stuff.

Superior meat meals comes from a specific animal.

Superior meat meal

  • Lamb Meal
  • Beef Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal

When the source animal is named – such as a high quality chicken meal has much higher protein content after processing than a whole fresh chicken because most of the water has been removed. 

This meal is made by rendering down fresh whole chicken – does not include feathers, heads, feet or entrails.

Fresh meat has about 70% water so when the protein content is shown this must be taken into consideration.



Fat is something many of us think is not good, but it is an important ingredient in your dog’s diet.

It not only gives your dog energy but also has an important role in maintaining and ensuring the growth of cells, nerves and tissues and aiding general body function while also ensuring your dachshund has a healthy coat.

We need to check as to how this is listed on the dog food label as the source of this ingredient is sometimes a little unsavory and we would not like to feed this product to our dear little dachshund.


If listed on the label as any of these named sources - these are all healthy and acceptable sources, for healthy dog food.    

  • Chicken/Beef Fat
  • Flax seed Oil   
  • Fish Oil

If listed on the label as Animal Fat, then this is an unknown source and could come from rendered animal fat, vegetable fat and oils not suitable for human consumption. 

Some pet food manufactures also may use grease or fat that is derived from kitchen grease, lard and oils that are rancid, have been poorly stored or are heavily preserved so they are difficult to digest.

Fruits and vegetables are usually used in healthy dog food some of these are...

  • sweet potato
  • whole peas
  • carrots
  • celery
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • pumpkin
  • apples
  • blueberries
  • cranberries
  • zucchini
  • spinach
  • tomatoes

You will also find a selection of vitamins and minerals are added to the healthy dog food to ensure your dog receives all the nutritional requirements for healthy growth and development and also to ensure your dog does not just survive but thrives.

Food Allergies

Dogs can also get food allergies and if your dog has a food allergy then you are best to give them a diet that is recommend to you by your vet, like a fish and potato diet to name but a few as there are various allergy free diets.


Changing Your Dogs Diet

When changing your dog’s diet introduce new food over 7 days by mixing a little of the new food in his meal and slowly replace fully with new food if there are no problems.

By occasionally changing your dogs diet,you don't get your dog stuck on the some food year in and year out, but always feed healthy dog food.

Recommended healthy choice dog food for your dachshund

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