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Lovable Dachshund Pictures 
Bella has deemed the nickname Moo, as she is very demanding and dictates our lives. Moo is short for Bella Mussolini. We love her so much. She loves …

Zippy  Not rated yet
Our little Zippy dog is a fun but very shall we say, feisty doggo! He thinks he’s much bigger than he actually is and has zero problems picking a bone …

Leibchen, and Izzy, & their mom named Tink Not rated yet
The pup that's flying through the air with the greatest of ease, that would be Leibchen, the other pup that is seconds away from the wrath of her younger …

Bandit Not rated yet
My miniature wire haired dachshund loves to chase you around the house and is very loud for his size. Whenever he wakes up he'll lay on the carpet on his …

Wolfgang Not rated yet
Our Wolfi is about seven years old. He was a rescue and we feel very blessed to have him. He is a little sweetheart. Very sweet and affectionate. He likes …

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To help you take the best photos of our dachshund we have included some helpful tips.
  1. Best not to use a flash – as can show a glowing effect in your dachshunds eyes, use natural light and insure the light source is behind you.

  2. Have your doxie look straight into the camera, you may need to use a treat to make this happen.Your dogs eyes are the windows to his or her soul – so focus on them.

  3. Best to get down to your doxies level.

  4. Make sure your dachshund is the main focus, watch for background clutter.

  5. Take a variety of photos, to show off your doxies character and personality.

  6. But most of all have some fun!!

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