by Tashauna
(Thompson )

The look on his face says it all!!

The look on his face says it all!!

Our little Zippy dog is a fun but very shall we say, feisty doggo! He thinks he’s much bigger than he actually is and has zero problems picking a bone with the neighborhood pit bull lol he’s very protective of his family and pretty much runs our house! He’s also a very great snuggle puppy and likes to curl up with me in the bed spoon style him being the little spoon of course and his head on my pillow body under the sheets and blankets for hours and hours a day plus all night long! If we would or could snuggle with him all day and all night I have no doubt that he would spend 99 percent of his life in the bed! Such a character and tell our German Shepard Pittie mix exactly how the cow ate the cabbage with zero hesitation ESPECIALLY when I am scolding our Shep mix pup the instant I say NO NO to her he instantly runs over and “helps” me police the hell outta her behavior hahaha!!Between the dogs and the kids/my elderly parents there’s never a dull moment!

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