Dachshund puppy care and more

Dachshund puppy care starts as soon as you take home your new puppy. This is a big commitment but is so rewarding.

I remember my first experience as a child, mum bringing home a new little friend, it still makes me smile. Obviously I don't remember all the time and effort that went into caring for the puppy, that must have been mums job.

One thing to think about, is to make sure the puppy is right for you and your family, depending on you lifestyle and situation, so take your time.

Finding quality dachshund puppies

It’s recommended to only buy puppies from a quality breeder, that has a good reputation, they will provide you with all the information about the puppy.

They will be ensuring that you are the right home for the puppy they won’t sell the puppy to just anyone.

Other important things to consider include, has the puppy being handled and socialized, check about any health issues, vaccinations up to date and what guarantees are provided.

Puppies First Days - important step in dachshund puppy care.

Picking up your puppy is often a very exciting time, along with a little fear of the unknown.

The breeder may  give you a puppy pack, which should include some food the puppy has been eating, a feeding guide, perhaps a toy, and usually information about any vaccinations given.

There is a product known as Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) that can help your puppy settle in to his new home, many owners have found this worthwhile.

It is a good idea to visit your own vet to have your puppy checked and vaccinations given and also to get guidance with any feeding or puppy care questions you may have. Don't socialize your new puppy with other dogs until he has had all his vaccinations.

When settling your new puppy at home be aware that this is a difficult experience for your pup, leaving his mother and other puppies, he is in unfamiliar surroundings with strange people he will need time to adjust.

Spending time with your puppy

An important part of dachshund puppy care is to ensure you have plenty of time to spend with your puppy.

Make sure children and other members of the family greet the puppy quietly not rushing up in great excitement as this may over excite him or make him anxious.

Get your family to sit on the floor and let the puppy come up to them, perhaps each person could have a treat to give the puppy, this will ensure a positive experience for the puppy. Introduce any other pets, quietly and slowly.

Let your puppy adjust to his new home

Allow time for your puppy to explore take him outside to go toilet. Start as you mean to go on, if you do not want your puppy on the furniture, don't put him on the couch.

If possible take an old towel to the breeders for them to put with the pups mother and other puppies to take their scent, bring this home with your new puppy, this will help with the settling in process.

Start routines

Routines are very important but it will take a few days to establish set meal times, toilet times and of course a young puppy will sleep often.

If as part of your dachshund puppy care routine, you intend to crate train you will have to introduce the crate to him, don't force him, just put some treats and toys in the crate and leave the door open. You may need to encourage him to start, you want it to be a good experience.

First night with a new puppy

First few nights for your new pup is always difficult, so be patient and sensitive but firm.

Perhaps put his crate near your bed,if he cries don't keep getting up to him, it will only take him longer to settle.

Make sure he is feed, toileted and has a cuddle toy. Keep a light on, place a clock nearby as the ticking sound may help ease any anxiety.

Each night should be better as he becomes familiar with his new home but it may take several nights before he will settle quietly to sleep.

New owners need to be aware that if you start early, many aspects of dachshund puppy care are much easier to carry out.

Feeding dachshund puppies

The protein requirement for puppies is very important for growth, so it is advisable to feed a high quality puppy food which is specially formulated with the correct nutritional ingredients to ensure your puppy gets a good start.

Usually puppies up to three months will require about 4 meals per day, over the next 9 months slowly reduce this so by around 12 months one meal  should be sufficient. Always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water and take away uneaten food.

For further information see our feeding dachshund puppies page.

Puppy Proofing your Home - making dachshund puppy care easier.

An active dachshund puppy can get into all sorts of trouble, to minimize the problems check your home and environment for potential hazards.

This is a very important aspect of dachshund puppy care, ensuring your home is safe.

  • Behind and under furniture down side of fridges, stoves other odd spaces that a puppy might manage to crawl into, need to be checked for safety and items that can be swallowed or chewed.

  • Make safe or cover all electrical cords and ensure there are not long loose electrical cords that will allow a puppy to pull items over or chew wires.
  • Check house plants are not toxic to animals and place out of reach.
  • Keep floor area tidy and free from coins, needles, items of clothing, shoes, pillows, books and any other items that a puppy will love to chew.
  • All food should be stored where your puppy cannot access, eg chocolate.
  • Safely store all your personal medication (pain relievers, heart medication etc).
  • Repair any carpet or mats that are fraying as your puppy will soon attack them.
  • Areas you do not want you dachshund puppy to have access too, gate off.
  • Access to fireplace secured.
  • Ensure all hazardous substances, household cleaners, solvents, etc are safely stored.
  • Outside area preferable needs to be fenced with a puppy proof fence.
  • Plants outside should be checked to ensure they are safe for animals.
  • Garbage cans should be covered, other rubbish stored out of reach.
  • Storage of any garden sprays, gasoline or other toxic products should be out of reach.
  • Take care when laying rat poisons, snail and slug poisons and also insect poisons.
  • Pools should be covered or ensure if your dog falls in he can get out.

As you can see there are a number of potential dangers in your home environment, so prepare for your puppies arrival.

Dachshund Puppy care - Essential items to have

  • Short dog lead and longer or extendible lead for walks
  • Two food bowls one for water and one for food
  • Food the same as he has had with the breeder
  • Anti-chew spray – for discouraging chewing you don't want
  • Toys two or three - one cuddle toy, a chew toy and perhaps Kong for treats

Cool puppy names

Once you have taken the big step and adopted or purchased a cute little dachshund puppy, then the next big question is what do you call him or her.

We have put together a list of the coolest names we could find to make it a little easier for you.

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