What is the best dog bed for your dog

"Dogs love to have their own bed "

The best dog bed for a dachshund is one that he does not need to jump up and down from, as this puts strain on the spine of this elongated dog, you may not mind sharing your bed and love to feel that warm little bundle, it is not a good idea.

Most dog owners will look at purchasing a special bed for their puppy when they are fully toilet trained and ready to come out of their crate or perhaps earlier if they have not carried out crate training.

Why should your dog have his/her own bed?

  • To provide warmth and comfort
  • To have own space and feel secure
  • To give cushion comfort, especially for an old or arthritic dog, by offering support for affected joints.
  • To help prevent injury to your dog from needing to jump up and down from normal bed or furniture height.

Once you have found the best dog bed for your dachshund it may take a little time for him to become adjusted to the new bed, which of course can go on the floor of your bedroom, so he will feel secure, warm and comfortable in this special place.

When choosing a bed for your dachshund, try to pick a bed to suit the way your dachshund likes to sleep, stretched out, curled up or perhaps he/she likes to snuggle down into a really soft bed.

You need to make sure the bed is big enough, to make sure measure your dog when he is asleep and add on about 6-10 inches, it is better to have the bed a little big than too small.

Most dog beds come with removable covers and are machine washable, for convenience.

Finding the best dog bed for your dog can be challenging there is such a wide range below is few examples for more check out :

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Donut dog beds

If your dog curls up into a ball to sleep a Donut Bed may suit, also called a snuggle bed, dog nest, these are popular for small dogs, walled sides give security and are good to snuggle down into.

Slumber Pet Polyester Sherpa Donut Dog Bed, Medium, , Chocolate
Price around $28 (Small) 18-Inch.

This simple practical donut bed is a good choice and shows a little dachshund looking very happy. 

Armarkat Pet Bed 22-Inch by 19-Inch Oval, Laurel Green
Price around $23

The oval shape is a good option for your little dachshund with his long body allowing him to stretch out.

K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed, Mocha/Tan
Price around $39 (small)

Excellent for dachshunds who love that safe secure feeling being surrounded by a bolster.

Cover material is soft and durable, but some owners find the fill padding a little on the light side.

Raised dog beds

Raised dog beds are great for dogs with arthritis as weight is suspended so keeps pressure to a minimum.

An elevated dog bed is also very good in hot weather as the air circulates under it keeping it cool.

Some of these beds are also known to be fairly indestructible dog beds as may be good if you are wanting a chew resistant dog bed.

Kuranda All-Aluminum Chewproof Dog
Price around $110 (small)

This is the best dog bed if you are looking for an indestructible bed for your dachshund.

The aluminum frame is strong but light weight. The nylon fabric is very durable and easy to clean and has proved to be chew resistant.

It may cost a little more but many owners have found that this really is an indestructible dog bed. This bed has a 1 year warranty on frame and fabric.

Kuranda Walnut PVC Dog Bed
Price around $67 (small)

This is a strong raised dog bed with a PVC frame and a durable easy to clean sleeping surface.

The cost of this bed is more reasonable and it keeps your dog cool and comfortable.

Coolaroo Steel Frame Pet Bed, Medium, Nutmeg Price around $42 (medium)

This elevated dog bed with metal frame has a sleeping surface made of a special breathable knitted fabric that is cool, easy to clean,resists mold and fleas.

Orthopedic Caress Dog Bed

These beds are designed for older dogs or dogs with joint pain, thick support orthopedic foam, with cover that is machine washable.

Brindle® 4" Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Small 22" x 16" Price around $39.99

An excellent choice if your dachshund suffers with arthritis or hip dysplasia as this type of foam is soft but also offers support.

The best dog bed for owners with older dachshunds. The cover is water proof so handy if you require a waterproof dog bed. Easily removable for machine washing.

K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed, Medium 30-Inch Round, Gray Velvet
Price around $51.99

Foam filling not as supportive as the memory foam but has the added comfort of the bolster.

Easy care cover removable for washing.

20MP Small Medium 35"x20"X4" Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed Pad
Price around $49

This high density foam never loses its shape and molds to your dachshunds body shape so there are no pressure points.

This pad has a waterproof inner fabric cover and an external denim cover.

Dog bed warmers

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad
Price around $29.89

Popular with many owners especially for older dogs to ease aches and pains or just provide extra warmth on cold nights.

Always place under dogs sleeping pad - not recommended for dogs that may chew it.

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-warming Pet Bed, 16-Inch by 20-Inch
Price around $31.99

No electricity required for this safe bed featuring material that radiates the dogs own warmth back into his body. Soft durable fabric ensures a comfortable rest. All machine washable.

K&H Self-Warming Pet Crate Pad, 14-Inch by 22-Inch, Mocha
Price around $9.99

Safe warming pads work by radiating the dogs own body heat back into the dogs body. This soft comfortable pad is easy wash.     

Designer Beds

Here are a small selection of designer beds to give an idea of the type of products available. Fun and fantasy is shown in these designs and dachshunds love them.

Hot Dog Sofa Pet Bed with Removable Washable Pet Mat, Small 24" x 16" x 8"
Price around $39.99

Give your little dachshund friend a treat with this cute dog bed which is bright, colorful but also soft and comfortable. Removable washable bed mat.

Safari Print Pet Bed
Price around $66

For the more sophisticated dog in your life spoil him with this metal framed bed, suitable for mini dachshunds under 10 lbs.

Crate Pads

Mocha Swirl Fur Pet Bed
23” x 18” Price around $21.40

Ideal for the car, fits most brands of crates. A little more expensive than similar pads but most owners thinks its worth it. Soft, comfortable and machine washable.

MidwestQuiet Time Bolster Pet Bed, Fleece
22” x 13” Price around $6.99

Excellent in crates and cars providing warmth and comfort. Good price for a quality product.

Cave Dog Bed

Here's the best dog bed for Dachshunds that love to burrow.

Snoozer Cozy Cave, Khaki, Small
Price around $59.59

Dachshunds love to snuggle down so this bed is a popular choice. The fleece lining is cool in summer and warm in winter. Cover removable for washing.

K&H Lounge Sleeper Hooded Pet Bed, Tan Patchwork 20” x 25” Price around $38.99
This popular little bed offers your little friend a safe, secure, snuggly place to sleep. Hood can be zipped off. Pillow cover is machine washable.

Once you have found the best dog bed for your dachshund it may a take a little while for him to become adjusted to his new bed, which of course can go on the floor of your bedroom, he will feel secure, warm and comfortable in this special place.

Many owners are not sure about the necessity of dog beds but I fully recommend there use, as I feel that all members of the family parents, children and dogs need their own sleeping space.

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