Dachshund apparel a fashion
fun accessory
can be a real benefit

"Buying dachshund apparel can be alot of fun."

Some owners like to pamper their dogs, making use of dachshund clothing like  jumpers, hoodies and coats to keep their little friend warmer on a cold day. Costumes can be a bit of fun especially for celebrations and party time.

Sometimes getting clothing to fit your dachshund  is a bit of a problem some suppliers do say their clothes are suitable for the dachshunds longer body. But it is advisable to take measurements to be on the safe side.

Dachshunds like most small dogs spend most of their lives indoors,so do not acclimatize to changing weather extremes.

Many owners are becoming aware of the benefits dog clothing can offer.

Fashion Pet Classic Cable Dog Sweater, Pink, Small Price around $9.72

This attractive dog sweater is medium weight and washes well.

Some dogs with very short coats feel the extremes of temperature and are prone to shivering and sit right up to the heater, so need some extra help to keep warm when going out for a walk, the owners of these dogs also need to watch for sunburn and heatstroke can also effect some dogs.

Remember your dog does not sweat, he pants to cool down so in warm weather check regularly that he is not overheating and remove excess clothing.

Why dachshund apparel is helpful

  • Keep your dog warm
  • Protection from hot sun
  • Keep him dry
  • Help keep his coat clean
  • Safety walking and on the water
  • Help reduce insect bites
  • Protect his paws

Below is a selection of dachshund apparel some can be a real benefit for your  dog or just a little bit of fun.

Dogit Striped Dog Sweater, Large, Ice Blue
Price around $17.83

This smart blue striped sweater will help keep your little dachshund warm on his walks as the temperature drops in the colder months. Product L Size is  described as being suitable for a Dachshund.

Urban Dog Wear Apolo Sweatshirt, Size 7, Black Price around $24

This unique style Model UDOG19 size 7 should fit your mini dachshund well. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester material makes it easy care.

Urban Dog Wear Polar Nylon Jacket, Size 8, Red
Price around $24

Smart Red Jacket Model UDOG16 is made from nylon material on the outside and lined with polyester for comfort. This size should fit your dachshund.

Blanket Coat with a Hoodie Snuggie for Dogs
Price around $14.75

This smart hoodie is in a leopard print fabric in brown,cream and tan. The small size should fit your mini dachshund comfortably.

Dog Hoodies Hoodie Custom Personalized Monogrammed Gifts Pets Puppies Black
Price around $12.99

This cotton blend hoodie comes in several colors and your dogs name can be written in rhinestones, embroidered or in red or black glitter. An ideal gift for a special little friend.

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Mustard Costume, Small
Price around $10

Everyone having fun, turn your dachshund into a Hot Dog with this cute costume. Made of polyester complete with adjustable straps.

Casual Canine Cotton 10-Inch Tie Dye Peace Sign Dog Tee, X-Small Price around $14.60

This comfortable, brightly colored T Shirt is made of cotton. This size should fit your mini dachshund.

Cool Vest for Dogs, Blue, Small Price around $57.99

This may seem a little pricey but if your dachshund is affected by the heat nothing is too much to make his life more comfortable and this vest seems to work well.

This innovative vest needs no refrigeration or chemical crystals only needs to be soaked in water. The special lining keeps your dog dry and as it is lightweight it is easy to wear. Comes in sizes that should fit your mini dachshund comfortably. Reduces the possible of heat exhaustion in hot weather. 

Kyjen 2518, Dog Life Jacket Quick Release Easy-Fit Adjustable Dog Life Preserver,Orange Price around $9.99 (X-Small)

Keep your dachshund safe around boats and any water activity. With this excellent floatation jacket designed to keep your dogs head above water. Good visibility colors and reflective strips.

Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot, Small, Up to 2-1/2-Inch
Price around $10.79

These boots are made in USA of natural rubber they stretch to go on and stay in place well.

Gives excellent protection from snow, ice and hot surfaces. Also helps with traction on polished floors. The boots are 100% biodegradable. Each pack contains 12 boots so good for more than one dog and makes them easy to replace.

To see more Dachshund apparel visit Amazon.com

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