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Best dog beds most dachshund owners are aware of the important of giving your special friend a bed that is at a low height so he does not have to jump in and out from a height, putting unnecessary stain on the spine.

Interactive dog toys are important items on your small dog products list, as these items play a valuable roll in your dog’s behavior and training, keeping him busy and interested.

Healthy choice dog food  choose your dachshunds food with care, weight control can be an issue for dachshunds so you need to manage the amount they eat on a daily basis.

Premium natural dog food  this range of quality food provides a balanced nutritional meal that most dogs love, as it is not processed like many dog foods are today.

Healthy dog treats great for rewarding your dachshund when training or having fun, see our recommended selection of healthy yummy dog treats that your doxie will love.

Canine Flea Treatments are needed to control, fleas, ticks and lice on your dog. It's also important to use products so your home and yard stay flea free.

Natural dog flea products help you kill those nasty fleas on your dog, these are all naturally based  and therefore a better choice for your dog and home environment.

Dog crates and carriers owners using these products need to be aware of purchasing the correct size, not too big or too small as this makes a significant difference in the comfort of the dog and the effectiveness of their use. e.g. toilet training.

Dachshund grooming items can make all the difference to ensuring your dachshund looks smart, and owners appreciate quality products that aid their grooming efforts.

Dachshund books - can provide a wonderful resource for new owners to learn more about the dachshund breed and their dog.

Dachshund clothing may not be on every owner’s small dog products list but many see the value in these, for those cold or wet days, or perhaps for very hot sunny weather to ward off sunburn.

Dachshund gifts these are divided into two categories people gifts and dog gifts. There are a wide range of gifts available many decorated with pictures of a favorite dachshund pooch for the dog lovers in your life. Doggy gifts range from bowls to blankets.

Dachshund art check out the abstract and contemporary art prints, I'm sure you will find one that you like. This is a great gift for the dachshund lover in your life.

Hope you find these pet dog supplies to your liking, if you have any comments or can’t find what your looking for then send us an email, and we will do our best to help you out.

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