Natural Flea Products
helping you KILL those
nasty little Fleas !!

These natural flea products have none of the harsh or potentially harmful pesticides that many of the commercial flea products contain, so you can breath easy.

I have always found when trying new products, that what works for one does not necessarily work for another. So some owners may rave about the success they have had and others tell a different story so I think often you have to try for yourself.

I think using naturally based products is worthwhile for the sake of your pet's health and home environment.

Vet's Best Natural Flea and Tick Spray, 8-Ounce, Price around $6.83, 32 ounce $17.02.

Blended from natural ingredients of Peppermint Oil and Clove Oil, this natural flea killer dispatches adult fleas, flea eggs and ticks on contact. Safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks.

Flea Away All Natural Flea and Pest Control for Dogs and Cats, Price around $15.49 (100 chew-able tablets)

This natural flea product is a specially formulated vitamin complex for dogs and cats. Fleas stay away from your pet because their skin gives off a natural odor ( not detected by humans) that repels them before they bite.

I have not tried this product yet but it sounds worth a go, especially if your dachshund suffers with an allergy to flea bites.

Naturally repels fleas, ticks and mosquito's before they get to bite your pet. This product needs time to get into the pet’s system so allow up to 1 month before seeing full results.

DeFlea Ready to Use Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Cats 33.8oz, Price around $11.99.

DeFlea successfully kills fleas, ticks, mites and lice instantly. This is a chemical free product completely non-toxic.

This natural flea product is quite watery not the usual consistency of a shampoo but works very well if used correctly.

Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic, 1000-Count, Price around $10.75

A natural food supplement that is suitable for dogs and cats. Brewer’s Yeast with natural protein vitamins and minerals ensure your pet has a healthy coat and skin, the Garlic ingredient is a natural deterrent for fleas.

Many owners have found this product successful and  your dachshund will love eating them.

Safari Flea Comb with a Double Row of Teeth, Price around $6.79

Flea Combs are the owners best natural flea killer tool of all. This particular comb, with the double row of teeth many owners find works very well.

But sometimes you have trouble with fleas escaping just when you thought you had caught it with the comb.

Try dipping the comb with flea aboard quickly into a bowl of water perhaps with some soap in it and watch the fleas drown. 

Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap, Price around $13.01

A popular product not only to catch fleas but it allows you to monitor if other natural flea killing method are working effectively.

This trap is safe to use around pets and children as it is non-poisonous. The fleas are attracted to the trap by a sweet odor, color, light and heat.

Fleas are trapped by a sticky glue disc. Refills are available so you can reuse the trap as required.

Natural Flea Products for outside areas

Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Yard and Kennel Spray, 32oz, Price around $ $12.26

Made from natural blended ingredients, contains no Cedar Oil or Pyrethrins.

This product kills adult fleas, flea eggs and ticks on contact. Handy sprayer connects to hose and mixes correct dilution rate making this an easy product to apply.

Only covers 4500 sq ft so for a larger area you will need to purchase additional units, May need to re- apply a few times if flea infestation continues.

Dr. Pye's Scanmask 7 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes - Kills Over 230 Bugs, Price around $17.99

These nematodes are easy to apply to your yard, lawn or garden area using a watering can, hand or pressure sprayer.

Safe for humans, pets and the environment and do not harm beneficial insects like ladybugs, earthworms. 

These microscopic Beneficial Nematodes find and destroy flea larvae, white grubs, gypsy moth larvae and many other pests.

As you can see there are many natural flea products that can assist in killing those nasty little fleas. So now there are alternative treatments available that can be very effective.

One final word with any product it's very important that you follow the instructions for use, otherwise you may not have the outcome you were expecting.

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