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When looking at small dog collars for your puppy or dog, remember that he will be wearing this collar most of the time so a comfortable fit is very important.


I always think it’s a little like buying yourself a belt, it needs to be tight enough to hold up your trousers but not so tight as to make exercise or eating uncomfortable. It is a similar problem for your dog if it is too loose it will keep coming off, if it is too tight your dog will be very uncomfortable and may even choke.


To ensure you do get the correct fitting collar measure around the middle of your dog’s neck, not too loose or too tight, usually if you can fit 2 fingers between his neck and the collar this will be a good fit.  

Smart Adjustable Dog Collar Range

Up Country Daisy Dog Collar, Size Small, Narrow Width, Price around $21

This sturdy collar is made from high tensile nylon and covered in a patterned ribbon with fittings that are all 100% solid brass.

The brand Up Country Dog Collars produce a wide range of fashion collars so check out the many other options available.

Sassy Dog Wear 10-14-Inch Red/Multi Stripe Dog Collar, Small, Price around $11

This stylish soft quality collar made of nylon webbing. This beautiful, adjustable collar also has a handy quick-release buckle.

Planet Dog Hemp Collar, Price around $11.39

Made from soft naturally dyed pure hemp complete with quick release buckle.

These are very durable hemp dog collars excellent on beach romps, swims and rolls in the sand. This collar is good for dogs that are subject to allergies.

Lupine 1/2-Inch Dapper Dog 8-12-Inch Adjustable Dog Collar for Small Dogs, Price around $8.75

These Lupine small dog collars are made from durable woven nylon has the pattern woven into the webbing also has easy side release buckle. This collar is suitable for puppies and small dogs.

This Lupine adjustable dog collar is suitable for small to medium size dogs and comes in fashion colors. Made in USA and guaranteed even if chewed. Matching lead or harness is also available.

Lupine 3/4-Inch Tail Feathers 9 to 14-Inch Adjustable Dog Collar, Small to Medium, Price around $10.99

Leather Small Dog Collars

Hamilton 1/2" x 14" Burgundy Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Price around $10.98

The overall quality of this smart rolled leather dog collar is very good and the price is reasonable, but you need to be careful with the measurements.

The measurement quoted is from the tip of the tongue to the tip of the buckle. This means you need to order a considerable larger size to get a correct fit.

Other purchases have also found that the leather is rather stiff,  it will soften with use but if you like you can use some oil to help soften it faster, any oil will do oil, saddle soap or even vegetable oil.

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar, Havana/Blue, Small/3/4-Inch x 11-Inch-15-Inch, Price around $23

A popular soft leather dog collar with lambskin padding well made in USA. This is an adjustable dog collar that is smart and comes in a range of color padding. This collar is a rich brown leather color with solid brass fittings.

Designer small dog collars

Hartman & Rose Gucci Dog Collar, 8 to 10-Inch, Black, Price around $45

Spoil your dog with one of these handcrafted Gucci dog collars are made from 22 Karat Gold Plate, genuine Italian leather. Matching lead is also available.

Hartman & Rose Gucci Dog Collar, 8 to 10-Inch, Kelly Green,Price around $45

Reflective Small Dog Collars

Dog Collar with Pink LED Lights, Multi-Function, Small< Price around $12.99

This reflective dog collar is a quality lightweight product that has 3 different light settings so is highly visible This nylon safety collar is excellent for active dogs as it is weatherproof and shock resistant.

Rogz Utility Small 3/8-Inch Reflective Nitelife Dog Collar, Turquoise, Price around $8.97

This smart reflective dog collar is reasonably priced and features reflective stitching on to top quality webbing.

The reflective action is fairly subtle so may not be suitable if you want highly visible collar.

Personalized Small Dog Collars

Custom Personalized Embroidered Dog Collars, Price around $9

These embroidered dog collars are made from durable nylon with steel D-ring and double lock snap clasp. They are available in a variety of colours. The collars are embroidered with your dog’s first name, and phone number.

Jewelry Collar Tag - Paw Print - Custom engraved cat or dog pet ID tag that attaches flat to any collar, Price around $11.95

The tag is available in 3 sizes and 5 colors. This tag usually comes engraved with the dog’s name, owners name, address and phone number. The tag has a life time guarantee it is a tag only there is no collar.  

Dog Trainer Collars

Gentle Leader Quick Release Head Collar, Small, Fawn, Price around $13.49

This collar is popular with many owners as it is designed to remove the uncomfortable pressure on throat. Pressure is applied at the back of the neck instead of the front of the throat.

Helps control behavior like lunging, barking, chasing and pulling. This is not a muzzle, it allows dogs to drink, eat, fetch and pant. Easily converts to a regular collar and is able to be used by pups from 8 weeks.

Petsafe Premier GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar, Price around $35.22

This Anti bark Dog Collar is suitable for dogs over 6lbs to use. The citronella spray is harmless to your dog and your family. The dog barking sound triggers a burst of citronella which dogs do not like.

This seems to curb the dogs excessive barking without hurting him. After some time it conditions your dog to behave. Many dog owners find it is the answer to stopping excessive barking.

Dog Party Collars

~Pink Velvet Princess~ Rhinestone Dog Cat Collar Sz Small, Price around $19.37

This collar is made of quality nylon webbing covered in pink velvet ribbon. Features quality crystal glass rhinestones and made in USA.

~Silver Velvet Aurora Sparkle~Rhinestone Dog Cat Collar Small, Price around $18.37

This collar features White Swarovski Crystals with Rhinestone buckle and Heart Charm included.

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