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Dog behaviour training is best handled by starting early with your puppy, developing good habits when dogs are easier to train, and establishing yourself as the leader.

Everyone wants their dachshund to be well behaved and socially accepted but this can take some thought, planning and effort on your behalf.

It helps if you are calm, firm, have routines, and you do not regularly behave loudly and erratically,which may over excite your dog.

Start dog behaviour training early using Patience, Praise and Persistence, if you prefer attend obedience training to help get off to a good start.

Some common behaviour problems that can develop

Aggressive dog behavior

This is one problem that you don't want to get out of hand, act as soon as you become aware there is a problem, remember it is often a symptom of other issues. Usually aggression is a sign your dog has not been socialized, this is a very important part of your dog’s training.


Stop nuisance barking

This is annoying to you and your neighbors, why is your dog making all that noise, what is the problem. You need to check what is happening in your dog’s day is your dachshund bored, lonely, fearful or attention seeking.


Dog chewing problem

Chewing problems can be stressful and expensive depending on what your dachshund is chewing. Providing a selection of suitable dog toys is a good start with this problem.


Separation Anxiety in dogs

This issue often occurs when dogs are left alone and is a problem for a number of dachshund owners. It requires a consistent, patient, approach.


Problem Digging

Digging is a common problem in all dogs, dachshunds have a hunting and burrowing ancestry, so are naturally attracted to this behavior. They enjoy burying bones or toys, but this is not usually a problem unless they are bored or left alone for long periods.

If you are unable to solve your dogs behaviour problem with standard behaviour training methods you may need to seek advice from a professional dog trainer who specializes in behavior problems in dogs

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