Smooth haired Dachshund with his velvet coat
known as the sausage dog

The original Dachshund was the smooth haired dachshund thought to have been developed in Germany from the St Hubert hound in the 1600s which is also a popular character often seen as toys or in cartoons.

For many years the smooth dachshund were the chosen variety for the English show ring. This variety also dominated the American show rings for many years.

This little dogs coat is short, dense, shiny and feels soft like velvet, they are easy to care for, with minimum shedding.

Smooth dachshunds need little grooming to keep them looking smart a rub over with a damp cloth or rubber glove to remove dead hairs is often all that is necessary. Keep baths to a minimum as skin becomes dry. In colder climates you may need to dress your dachshund in warm clothing, dog coat or sweater.

This type of dachshund can be either miniature or standard size. It has been noted that although all types of dachshunds share many common temperament traits, the smooth coats seems to become more attached to one certain member of the family.

They show a high degree of independence, so good training is recommended to ensure a happy home. They are usually friendly and outgoing, very loveable and make excellent family pets.

It is the smooth coat dachshund with its sausage like appearance that is responsible for the dachshunds nick name sausage dog that has become well known today, often shown as a joke or cartoon. With flap ears and a tapered pointed tail he is an excellent burrowing dog.

This little dog comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Smooth is one of the three coat varieties of the Dachshund dog, the other two are the Wire Haired and the Long Haired.

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