Choosing a small dog perhaps a dachshund

Think carefully when choosing a small dog
ask yourself why do you want a dog?

  • Do you live a busy lifestyle and sometimes away from home, how will a dog fit in ?
  • What type of dog would you like, a lively, placid, active or passive personality,house dog or yard dog?
  • Do you have time for training and care of a puppy or would you prefer an adult dog?
  • Can you afford the extra outgoings for a dog, there are vet visits, dog registrations, feeding and all the other doggie bits and pieces. 
  • Consider the commitment required with small dog ownership, it's just about like having a child.

Some guidelines to help you decide if a

dachshund dog is right for you

  • Have you met a dachshund and spend some time with one, if not try to do so. Do you have a friend with a dachshund or perhaps go to a dachshund club or dog show to see them in action.
  • What do you look for when choosing a dog such as a dachshund, research breed information, temperament and suitability for your environment? 
  • Are you looking for a loyal companion or lovable family pet, with a big personality then the dachshund may be the dog for you.
  • Are you or a member of your family usually at home, or do not work full time as dachshunds are social dogs and love to be with you.
  • If your home is suitable are you ready to share it with a lively little dog.
  • Do you want a dog to love and who will love you back.
  • Although dachshunds are easy care house dogs they do require regular exercise as they can become over weight.
  • Are you aware that the dachshunds usually live 12-15 years, so you have a little friend for many years.

If you are thinking that a dachshund might be the right dog for, here is an informative you-tube video where you can meet the breed.

If you answer these questions openly and honestly it will make it easier choosing a dog, and possibly the dachshund dog is the right choice for you. 

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