Petsitters what you need to know.

Petsitters are a good option when you are going away from home and are not able to take your dog...

... suits owners whose dogs are unsettled away from their home environment, it is also suitable for working owners who are leaving their dogs daily for long hours alone.

Do your home work, spend some time asking questions, so you feel happy and comfortable leaving your dog with the dog sitter if possible get a recommendation if you know someone who has used pet sitter.

It may be advisable to have a short trial before leaving your dog for any length of time.

Getting your dog cared for by a professional pet sitter has a number of benefits over the traditional dog care options.

Here are a few reasons why dog owners are

using petsitters services.

  • Some dogs may get home sick if there at a kennel, your dog feels more comfortable and less stressed in his own home.
  • Time saving and convenience you don’t need to transport your dog to and from a kennel.
  • If your dog stays in his own home he has less chance of picking up an illness or parasite from another dog.
  • Dogs like routine, by using a professional pet sitter they will maintain your dog’s usual routine, normal feeding and exercise times.
  • No need to inconvenience your family or friends.
  • Professional pet sitters usual have some training (pet first aid, animal husbandry classes, etc)
  • Your dog will get consistent and one on one care from a person that will give them the best possible care.
  • For working owners, it gives peace of mind that you dog is not locked up all day, helping to prevent anxiety in your dog helping to discourage anti social behavior, chewing furniture or nuisance barking.
  • You can also arrange for petsitters to take your dog to the groomer, vet etc.
  • Pet sitters coming to your home will help reduce the chance that your home will be burgled, as many pet sitters will pick up your mail, open and shut curtains, water plants, turn on and off lights, if there is a problem they will contact you immediately.

Questions to ask a pet sitter, preferably at an interview

so you can meet them face to face.

  • What experience or training have you had or how long have you been pet sitting?
  • What times will you attend my dog is it possible to keep to his normal routine?
  • How long do you spend on each session with my dog? Walking, playing,feeding.
  • Will you provide extra playtime for an additional fee?
  • If you cannot come due to illness etc who will attend my dog?
  • What is the procedure if my dog becomes ill?
  • What security do you give for my house key and alarm code?
  • Are you bonded and insured?
  • Do they have any reference from clients?
  • What records does the sitter take regarding your dogs food, likes, dislikes, fears etc.
  • What other services does the sitter offer beside pet care?
  • Does the sitter have a contract document stating services provided and cost involved.

Where to find professional petsitters, you could try the yellow pages or search on the net,a personal recommendation from a friend, family member or vet, is always good way to go.

Websites that may be worthwhile are NAPPS National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, or check out Petsit USA, both of these sites allow you to search for a pet sitter in your local area.

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