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Most dog daycare facilities aim to provide a fun, safe environment for dogs to play and interact with other dogs, of a similar size and temperament.

Older dogs should be put together as they are more interested in sleeping than playing.

This play time should always be under the watchful eyes of an involved caring staff member.

Both indoor and outdoor areas are usually provided and a good range of equipment should be offered.

There are usually a number of Dog Daycare facilities available in your local area. A recommendation from a friend or perhaps asking your vet, are a couple of ways to find a suitable quality Day Care. Even with a recommendation you need to take your time and check the Day Cares out yourself.

Day Care Policies – these may differ slightly from center to center.

  • Most take puppies from 10 weeks old

  • All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered
  • Pick-up and delivery of dogs is available
  • Vaccinations must be all up to date and certificates provided
  • All dogs have an evaluation session before being enrolled to check their suitability and perhaps which play group would best suit their temperament.
  • Many Day Cares offer part-day, full-day and overnight stay
  • Although the Day Care will provide food most prefer you to bring your own dog food


How to check out a Dog Daycare

Visit the center unexpectedly and see what reaction you get, most centers should be happy to show a prospective customer around, if this is not so, think twice about attending this center.

As you are shown around, note cleanliness of inside rest and play areas and condition of toys and equipment.

Also check out side areas, are clean and there is plenty for the dogs to do, easy access to clean water and shade areas outside.


Questions to ask

Inquire what hours they are open and the rates they charge?

Do they separate the play groups into small breed from large breed?

Is there staff supervision of play at all time?

Do they employ trained staff?

What activities are available?

Is there an organised program and is discipline and structure implemented throughout the day to ensure bad habits do not result?

Are all dogs evaluated before being enrolled and also screened for sociability?

The staff carrying out dog evaluations, are they professional dog trainers?

What vaccination records are required?

Can you bring your own dog food?

What happens if your dog gets sick or is hurt?


Often first impressions tell you what you need to know, how are you treated, do the dogs and staff look happy, is the whole facility clean and bright.

Be aware when you first arrive with your dog everyone will get excited and perhaps noisy, but after a short time and perhaps some staff direction it should settle down, if possible stay awhile and observe. 

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