Information about dog eye health.

Things to look out for, when caring for your dogs eyes

Dog eye health is very important, as you dogs eyes require care just like your own eyes they are very sensitive.

  • Keep hair away from touching the surface of the eye,trim as required.

  • Ensure corners of the eyes are clean and free of mucus, use suitable eye wash as required.
  • Eye irritations need to be kept to a minimum e.g do not let your dog put his head out of a moving car window as dust and debris can irritate eyes.
  • Fighting with other animals can often causes eye injuries.

Common dog eye health problems

If eyes are inflamed or there are tear stains on your dog’s coat, clean eyes with suitable tear stain removal product and soft cloth, if there is persistent discharge consult you vet.

Foreign bodies in your dog’s eye, will make him squint and scratch, the eye will water. Examine the eye carefully check under the eye lid, use saline solution to wash eye out, wipe gently with cloth. If eye keeps watering after about 12 hours consult your vet.

Conjunctivitis – lining of the eye is red, inflammation of the eyelids and there is discharge eyes are often sticky. Drops are available from your vet.

Dachshund dog owners need to be aware that this breed has some congenital eye problems here is some information about these.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca ( KCS) - decrease in the production of tears, so much that the eye surface becomes dry. Eyes are prone to infection and scarring. Sometimes can be also caused by a reaction to medication.Drops will help alleviate this problem see your vet.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) – This is a condition where the cells of the retina slowly die. There are two types – one develops before the dog is one year old and is found mainly in miniature long haired dachshunds.

The other can show up in any variety of dachshunds at about four years old. One of the first signs is night blindness which progresses to day time sight loss, some dogs manage quite well in familiar surrounding with limited vision. There is no effective treatment.

Congenital cataracts – this causes the eye lenses to become opaque, surgery may be necessary as vision is affected, some dogs can become blind.

It is advisable when buying a puppy to ask for a certificate as proof of clearance for eye problems in both parents .Dog eye health will steadily be improved by breeders who strive to eliminate congenital eye problems.

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