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Be aware of the importance of dog ear health, checking those ears every time you groom him, is a good practice. Dachshunds have long ears that don't get good air flow so are more susceptible to problems.

Cleaning dogs ears - to maintain good dog ear health

Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent infections.Take care when bathing your dog to use a cloth to wash your dogs head and face so water does not enter the ears, as this can cause problems.

Use a dog ear cleaner solution,place the correct amount into the ear and massage to allow the solution to penetrate the canal.

Wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes to allow the ear cleaner solution to soften the wax, using upward strokes massage the ear to bring the wax to the surface.

Your dachshunds ear canal is long so wax can be pushed further down the canal if you use cotton buds or Q sticks for cleaning, your best to use ear wipes to clean the wax out of the ears.

Check if there is any discharge from the ear canal. If the ear cleaning drops do not dislodge the wax in the ear canal consult your vet.

Signs of ear problems in dogs

  • scratching ears
  • head shaking
  • odor from ears 
  • discharge
  • tilts head
  • restless - ears painful to touch.

Common dog ear problems

Ear Mites - these are tiny parasites that live on the lining of the ear canal, when they pierce the skin to feed this causes discomfort and inflammation. They cause a dry black discharge and the ear may smell.

Yeasts - dachshunds are particularly susceptible to these as their large floppy ears do not allow good air flow, the ear canal can become moist and warm which encourages yeast infections.

The discharge from this is light brown with a musty smell.

Bacteria - this infection causes pain and redness and pus is often discharged.

Haematomas - these are usually caused by an injury, knock or very rough play. Shown by a large fluid swelling in the ear flap where blood has leaked into the flap between the ear cartilage and skin.

Fly Bite Dermatitis - in warm weather when flies are bad, they often bite the tips of the dogs ears and you will notice crusty dried blood. From your vet you can get a insecticidal wash  to clean and stop flies breeding on the ears.

Foreign Bodies - small twigs, grass seeds, hair can cause irritation when they find there way into your dogs ears, sometimes resulting in a secondary infection.

Skin Cancer -  dogs with white hair and pink skin are more likely to be affected by skin cancer. The ears and nose are where this disease usually strikes, so you need to consult your vet for good preventative measures.

Also some infections can be contracted from the puppy’s mother or other pets in the household.

If you suspect your dachshund has an ear infection consult your vet as soon as possible, as infections not treated, can cause loss of hearing.

Dog ear health is sometimes overlooked and new owners need to start early with their puppy's.

Products to help maintain good dog ear health

Eradimite 1 oz

Treats ear mites and ticks successfully in both dogs and cats.

8in1 Ear Clear - Ear Cleansing Pads, 90-Count

Keeps your dachshunds ears healthy and clean. Small pads that are moist and remember to use one for each ear to stop any cross infection.

Natural Remedy - Selection

Ear Dr - herbal remedy used to relieve ear infections. A natural product that has proved by many dog owners to be excellent for alleviating pain, itching caused by infections and ear mites, also maintains good ear health.

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