Dental care for dogs
what every owner should know.

Dental care for dogs is an important part of your general dog care, just as you clean your teeth you need to clean your dogs...

Your dogs teeth accumulate tartar which can cause gum problems and tooth loss.

Dental diseases are known to often be responsible for causing serious illness in your dog.

If gums are red, swollen, bleed or your dachshund has bad breath these are signs of gum problems and you need to consult your vet.

Prevention – keeping teeth and gums healthy dachshund’s teeth should be cleaned daily or at least 3 or 4 times a week the more often you clean the less time the tartar has to build up.

Cleaning your dogs teeth is not that difficult with the
right equipment.

  • Dog tooth paste, there are several flavors (not human tooth paste as it needs to be edible)
  • Dog tooth brush
  • Nubby surfaced rubber cap (fits your finger)
  • Wash cloth

There are also some specialized breath freshener's available, solutions, tablets and natural spray products.

Greenies chews with their specially designed shape and texture, aid the removal of tartar and plaque, enjoyable chewing while improves dental hygiene, contains no preservatives, additives or flavors.

Dental care for dogs should be introduced slowly to your dachshund if your started right with your puppy he should happy for you to put your hand in his mouth, then start giving him a taste of tooth paste, you may need to use a treat.

Some owners initially start cleaning with a sponge or pad and progress to the tooth brush. Start with just the front teeth and slowly work back until you are cleaning all the teeth.

How do you brush your dogs teeth?

Position your self to comfortably to access your dachshunds mouth, lift upper lip and brush in a circular motion, ensure you brush to the gum line, and right to the back teeth when finished the top, move to the bottom teeth.

Here is a great little video, explains the reasons why you should clean your dogs teeth and shows you how to clean their teeth.

If your dachshund chews on the brush while you are brushing don’t worry, if the gums bleed a little, don’t use as much pressure, but after regular brushing this bleeding should stop, as the gums become healthy. Once the process is established it should only take a few minutes.

To support good dental care for dogs, feed dry kibble food, hard biscuits, rawhide and have hard chew toys these help keep plaque formation down.

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