Basic dog obedience training
can make or break your
with your dog

Start basic dog obedience training with your puppy early at 8 - 12 weeks,
with commands such as sit, stop, come, heel, stay, bed.

To make training your dachshund successful, you need to have established yourself as the leader, so your dog will respect and obey you.

One of the most positive training methods is rewards training with treats and lots of praise. Sometimes it is helpful to have your dog on a leash ,also another person on hand to assist as required.


This is a good command to start basic dog obedience training, it is a good idea to train your puppy by linking the command “come” with a popular activity e.g. meal time.

Then progress to other times when you have the lead on your puppy, you walk away, turn, face your puppy say ‘come’ give the lead a short pull, when he comes to you give lots of praise/treat. With practice it will not take long until you will not need the lead to encourage him.


This is a command best taught when out walking, ever time you stop say heel this will train your Dachshund to walk by your side. You may need to have the lead short as you give the command to encourage him to stop beside you at the command.


The command ‘sit’ can initially be accompanied by you gently pushing his rump to the floor, you may find it easier to hold his collar so he stays still.

As soon as he is in the sit position give heaps of praise and perhaps a treat.

As basic dog obedience training progresses you will not need to push his rump down, and gradually replace the treat with lots of praise and perhaps a toy.

Dachshund Sitting


This is a useful command when you do not want your dachshund move from that spot, for safety or any other reason.

To start with give the command and give a pull on the lead to get him to stop, reward him as soon as he stops.

If he does not stop repeat the exercise until he understands then reward/praise. Steadily increase the distance between you and your dog, with a retractable lead retractable lead this should be a reasonable distance.


This is a command I taught Jazz as it meant I could get her to sleep in her own bed as she would often come and stand beside our bed, wanting to get up, but I wanted her to use her own bed, I used treats in her bed to start.

I started by saying the word ‘bed’ when she went on to her bed. To encourage the action I would point to her bed and repeat the command ‘bed’ she learnt this command quite quickly. She now loves her own bed, and when going away we always take it with us.

With basic dog obedience training, when your dog has obeyed the command it is helpful to also have a command that releases the dog such as ‘Okay’.... your dachshund learns these commands slow down on the treats and only give rewards on odd occasions but always give generous praise and attention.

For further information on how to train you dachshund check out these dachshund training books.

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