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Jun 23, 2013
by: Tui

Thank you for your question, she could be emotional whining for your kids but then it would have happened soon after they had gone and not in the last 3 days.

Has she whined before, when the kids have been away? If the answer is no then it is likely she is whining for some other reason.

There could be a possibility that she is sore somewhere. You could run you hands over her body to see if she reacts in any any spot to your touch.

If there is nothing you can see if it's internal. Have her lie on her side and gently push into her stomach and see if she reacts to that, if not, it could be something else. Check her mouth if you can.

What you could do is see how she is when the kids get back home and if she is still whining then take her to her vet for a check up.

If she stops whining then you'll know that she missed the kids and that was the cause of her whining. If this is the case you may need to look at something to help her for the next time the kids go away.

Best of luck.

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