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Jul 22, 2013
Skin Problems that can affect Dachshunds
by: Judy

Dachshunds can suffer from arrange of different skin problems, more than often these are minor.

Here are some of them...

Seborrhea is a condition that shows up as either dry flaky skin or oily skin that is greasy and scaly.

This condition is either Primary – which is treatable with special shampoos, but incurable
or Secondary – which means it is the result of another condition eg mange, scabies, dermatitis, or color mutant alopecia.

Treatment is the same as for Primary but when the underlying condition is treated will usually disappear.

Genetic Aconthosis Nigricans is a genetic condition that affects Dachshunds and usually shows in puppies under 1 year old. Symptoms are darker, thickened skin showing seborrhea.

Aquired Aconthosis Nigricans is more common and affects dogs over 1 year old and is usually caused by conditions like obesity, cushing’s disease, allergies, hypothyroidism or hormone imbalance.

Symptoms are darkening of skin, inflammation and thickening of skin, hair loss, itchy dry flaky or greasy scaly skin and can lead to secondary bacterial infections.

There are various allergies perhaps from food, fleas or any product your dog reacts badly to that can cause your dog develop allergy dermatitis.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis – this is caused by an allergy to flea saliva and you only need one flea
to start this.

Usually the dogs constant scratching, biting, licking and chewing keep the flea numbers down. Most effective treatment is to ensure your dog has no fleas.

Yeast infections - which often occur in a warm humid environment and cause itching, head shaking, red scaly skin, hair loss and often a greasy smell. Various treatments are available for this.

Mange - which is caused by a large number of mites on a dog, gives symptoms such as, red itchy skin, scabbing and hair loss.

Ringworm – is a fungal infection which shows circular hair loss with scaly skin inside a red ring outline. Crusty itchy pustules may develop.

Impetigo – puppies under the age of one year are susceptible to this condition which shows as small pustules mainly on the puppy’s belly and groin area. On bursting they go crusty and are painful.
There are several medications depending on the severity of the condition.

Dachshunds are one of the breeds also to be affected by Autoimmune Skin Disorders signs of which are rash, hair loss, red spots and itchy skin.

As you can see many of these conditions have similar symptoms so you will need to consult your vet for a correct diagnosis.

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