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Dec 07, 2014
How I got my male puppies to get along
by: Anonymous

I contact a trainer once because my two dachshund brothers were fighting. And he told me, the most dominant puppy, I needed To do everything for him first, feeded, play , hold him. That way I would be telling that other puppy, that I accepted the most dominant puppy as alpha and it work, no more fighting as then they started working as team.

May 17, 2013
Other Dogs
by: Tui - Dachshund-Owner-Guide

Hello thank you for your question.

Dachshunds generally get on with other dogs of different breeds. It does come down to the nature and temperament of the dogs, it's not a good idea to have two dominant dogs together as they can get aggressive towards each other

Having a male and female works well provide they are de-sexed(spay/neuter). Two females can get aggressive towards each other but if you can have one dominant female and one not dominant female then they should get along together.

Dogs of different sizes have to learn to live with each other in order not to hurt the smaller dog. So you need to watch rough play.

See if you are able to trial the new dog to see how they fit in. That way you'll have some idea as to whether your dachshund will get along with the other dog.

You'll have to give it a few good weeks to see if they will get along. That way you won't land up with two dogs that don't get along.

All the best.

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