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Jun 02, 2013
Introducing a doxie to young children
by: Dachshund-Owner-Guide - Tui

Thank you for your question, it seems to me that your doxie is nervous of children and may not have been around children or socialized when she was that 6 to 16 week socialization stage as a puppy. Or she may have had a really bad experience with children that has made her nervous of them now.

I would start off by having the children ignore her, it's better for your doxie to go up to the children rather than have the children go up to her. As that would make her nervous and then the flight or fight response kicks in. Don't force the children on to her as that could make her feel backed into a corner and her only way out is to bit them.

Let her get used to the children, where they don't interact with her and when she is going up to the children then let them stand still and let her smell their back of their hands.

Also good to have young children sitting on your lap or someone else's lap to pat her when she is going up to them. It's best to have the children pat her from underneath her chin rather than having a hand going over her head which is more likely to make her nervous.

When she barks at the children, you have to tell her NO in a firm voice. What you can also do is reward her with a food treat at the start when she sees the children and doesn't bark at them, over time slowly phase this out. You could also get you grandchildren to give your doxie a treat, so she starts to associate the children with something pleasant.

This is probably not going to be a quick fix and will have to be managed for the rest of her life. You will have to be consistent with her training.

If this doesn't work then seek a dog behaviorist to help manage the situation.

Best of luck.

Jun 01, 2013
Doxie and Children
by: Anonymous

My guess is that maybe the dog had bad circumstances with young children...i.e., pulling their tail, hitting, etc. My doxies have always gotten along well with children. Maybe sit on a couch with the grandchildren, have the doxie on your lap (being careful to keep her contained to your lap) and see if the growling continues. Maybe clicker training with may just take "time" for your pup to get used to the kids...but growling usually precedes nipping/biting, unless it is more of a "warning" to not get too close. Good luck. I have three doxies 1 is 12, 1 is 11.5 and just rescued a 2 month old in Jan. who is almost 7 months now.

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