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Sep 16, 2013
Housebreaking a dachshund puppy
by: Judy - Dachshund Owner Guide

Some people say these little dogs are difficult to train but we know they are very smart, so this can be a great help as he will soon learn what pleases you. It can be useful to have some puppy training treats along with lots of praise when he uses the designated toilet area.

Use a set command so your puppy learns what you want him to do, such as "Go Toilet". Never punish your puppy for accidents and ensure you have on hand suitable products for any mess-haps.

You may find it useful to keep a record of when you take him toilet and if he uses the toilet area so you can establish approximately when he will want to go, usually this will be when he wakes and shortly after eating.

Toilet training your puppy is explained more fully on our toilet training page see link below and if you are thinking about using a crate to help then visit our page about crate training your puppy.

Hope this information helps you out and best of luck.

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