Dog loss, ways to deal with grief
after losing a loved dog.

Dog loss is a very distressing time for most dog owners and is something all of us will have to face at some time. You will feel deep loss as dachshunds like most dogs become close to their families, giving and receiving lots of affection, becoming close friends and companions.

Death may occur due to

  • Reaching old age
  • Terminal illness
  • Accident – fatal or sever crippling injury
  • Chronic illness with loss of quality of life

Sometimes the loss of a dog can be sudden, an accident or an elderly dog dying peacefully in their sleep. But sometimes you may be put into the position of considering euthanasia. You are totally responsible for your dog’s well-being and will always put their best interests first, even if you find this difficult.

Your vet will give you a full assessment of your dog’s condition, possible treatment, likely recovery, the level of pain and suffering, and help to decide the most appropriate course of action. It is advisable to involve family members or friends who will offer support and comfort in this difficult time.

Coping with Grief
Children are always very affected by death, particularly the family dog that they love and play with, who is an important part of their lives. It is always best to be honest with them as they will learn that death is part of life, and feel comfortable with the grieving process.

Don’t be afraid to show grief, tears and sadness, and perhaps even anger that this should happen to your faithful companion, allow children to grieve, spend time supporting each other. Answer questions truthfully with a positive approach, suitable to the children’s age. Allow children to cope with the loss in their own way, ensure no one feels any blame or responsibility for the death.

Special Arrangements
Involve the whole family in any special arrangements that may be made, to organize a cremation, or perhaps where to bury, at home or perhaps in a pet cemetery etc.

If you feel that you would like some sort of memorial there as several options – memorial statues, personalized garden stones, perhaps a portrait, or possibly a tribute posted on-line or a contribution to a charity.

Dog Loss Support Groups
Help to cope with your dog loss is available is an excellent on-line resource, guide to support groups, information regarding cremation and pet cemeteries offers contact details for pet loss support phone and web sites.

The time it takes to get over your dog’s death differs from person to person, but time is a great healer and with support of family and friends, the loss will fade and you will remember the happy times.

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