Dachshund Photo Contest August 2013

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Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun !!

Our baby Maggie Mae by Pat

Photo 1- Votes 4

OK the grandkids have had their fun!!!

Photo 2 - Votes 6

Listening to some tunes !!!

Photo 3 - Votes 3

Born to be wild!!!

My Maggie Mae will be two years old in Oct. She has literally saved my life!! She has put new meaning in life for me!!

She brings me so much fun and happiness every day!! I love her and so does everyone who comes in contact with her!

She is a very special young lady!! She loves to ride the motorcycle, she loves or fish, she loves to play with kids, other dogs, or anyone!!

Dash-A-Dee-Do-Da by Jim Hall

Photo 4 - Votes 110

The DASH can is full

Photo 5 - Votes 3

Graduation Day

Photo 6 - Votes 1

Photo 7

Photo 8 - Votes 3

Dash is a chocolate Dachshund and is one year old.

Sweet Dreams by Sheila

Photo 9 - Votes 1359

WINNER with the most votes Congratulations !!

Leo is a comical as he is sweet. He is a 5 year longhair English cream.

Rosalie Chillin'! by Anita

Photo 10 - Votes 6

This is Rosalie. At the time of the photo she was about 3 months old.  She's an Extremely Happy Baby!  One of her content Moments!

Snuggle Time for Norton and Trixie by Elaine

Photo 11 - Votes 41

Norton and Trixie are 10 month old smooth-haired miniature dachshunds who are half brother and sister. Playful and affectionate, they like to snuggle and burrow under covers.

Gunther and Wyatt,  best litter mates by Angie

Photo 12 - Votes 7

Gunther and Wyatt at home

Photo 13


Photo 14- Votes 2


We just love our little Doxies! They are from a wire hair litter. As time went by the wired hair turned into wild hair!

They are just lovable and fun to watch as they run around the yard! Gunther(Gunnie) is an awesome mouser, he's the long wild hair.

Our two cats have nothing on him! We joke that Wyatt can't hold his "licker", he's the shorter wire hair. He just loves you death, almost literally!

I dig gardening! by Judy

Photo 15 - Votes 3

Wendall the Weiner Dude will forever be the sweetest, friendliest, most loving dog I've ever owned. A standard dachshund, rescued from a shelter by my ex (yes, I dumped the guy and kept the dog!), has a permanent home in my heart.

Handsome Sam by Val

Photo 16 - Votes 3

Sam is 5 years old and has been part of our family for 3 years. He is a thinker and very cautious. He lets his niece Daisy try things out first.

He is adorable and needs (and gets) lots of love. He enjoys playing with his toys and choosing which one to play with is a difficult decision for him to make.

He won't tolerate other dogs, apart from Daisy, not just in his home, but anywhere. Walkies can therefore be problematic!

Sssssssss I'm waiting by Eileen

Photo 17 - Votes 6

Our 5 1/2 year old dapple is constant entertainment.

...and what am I supposed to do with this? by Pat

Photo 18 - Votes 9

Keila is a 4-year-old female miniature dachshund...with loads of energy and lots of love to share. 

She will fetch nearly anything in the house including Dad's socks without chewing them up!

She can usually be found in one of her fleece sleeping bags or under our bedcovers.  Her favorite human is her Dad, although Mom will do when Dad is working!

Emily Sue as Marilyn Monroe by Laura

Photo 19 - Votes 6

Emily Sue rarely stays still long enough for a photo, but I got lucky on this day.

Little miss pebbles by Kirsty

Photo 20- Votes 2

It says I'm spoilt rotten, she sure is

Our new baby miss pebbles , is 12 weeks old, and is a long haired black n silver dapple, she has been flown up to us on the Gold Coast from Melbourne, she is the baby sister of miss coco Chanel our other baby dashie who is 4 yrs old now , they are becoming BFF.

But it's taking time ;)
Pebbles has real spunk, loves to chew and chase her big sister around the house , she has fitted in beautifully to our household.

Love Licks by Summer

Photo 21- Votes 3

Photo 22

Jack has been with us for 6 years now and is the king of the house.  He is a fantastic model for all of his photos because he knows he will be paid in carrots.  If I take photos of his brother, he gets mad because he is the star. 

He is the biggest love bug and has been put on a pedestal since the day he joined our family.  Suffice it to say, I worship the little guy! 

This is the life by Kerry

Photo 23

Where are you ?

Photo 24 - Votes 5

Photo 25

Photo 26

Our little Princess Frankie by Carol

Photo 27 - Votes 14

Our beautiful little princess

Frankie is our beautiful little baby this photo was taken when she was just twelve weeks old she is beautiful. A real little cutie.

All grown up

Photo 28 - Votes 53

She has grown into a real beauty she is now 11 months old. She makes our lives complete. Frankie is now 11 months and turns heads every time she goes out.

Cutie Chloe by Chelsea

Photo 29

Photo 30 - Votes 2

Photo 31

Photo 32- Votes 2

Chloe May is a 5 year old little diva dachshund. She loves to be the center of attention and LOVES to get her picture taken. She is a little angel with a big attitude who just wants to be held all day long. She is queen bean for sure. 

Commodore Oscar by Debbie

Photo 33 - Votes 6

Oscar is a 4-year-old, male 'miniature' long haired dachshund, who loves to eat, sleep, and be merry.  He is a loyal and loving member of the family, who takes his responsibility to provide comic relief to our household VERY seriously!

Visiting family by Elaine

Photo 34 - Votes 1

Ruger is a long hair male dachshund well be 2 years in September . Ruger is lovable loved taking pictures. When family comes over he is ready to give them love as there walking in the door.

Oscar thinks he belongs everywhere - by Sonya

Photo 35 - Votes 2

What's wrong with this picture?

Oscar Meyer is a spoiled four year old. He's a charmer and will steal your heart.

Seeing double by Sara

Photo 36 - Votes 4

This is my tweenie Dachshund Bangers, he is very well mannered and I take him everywhere I go! He loves pigs ears and puppychinos and is always happy to have all the attention he gets when on walks.

Nothing phases him, he is one of a kind : )

Carlton Breakdancing! by Mara

Photo 37

Carlton is 4 years old. He brings me more love, excitement and joy than I knew the world could offer. 

Harley Girl being a statue so the cat don't attack by April

Photo 38 - Votes 1

Mirror Mirror whose the fairest of them all

Photo 39

Forget this heat, wheres the snow

Photo 40 - Votes 1

She is a miniature and is two and a half years old. She is spoiled rotten and mommy's little baby.

Belly Rub? by Hayley

Photo 41- Votes 11

This is my Dachshund named Bandit. We got him a little over a year ago at an animal shelter called Dog Adoption and Welfare Group (DAWG) in Santa Barbara, California. He is my first dog and I LOVE having him around.

He enjoys his treats, long two hour walks, and will even jump on a floaty in the pool with us. He is pretty small for a standard doxie (only weighing about 13 pounds) and like most dachshunds, he likes to bark at anything unfamiliar that's moving.I am so blessed that we found him at the shelter before anyone else adopted him.

Just Chillin by Nina

Photo 42 - Votes 6

Peanut is a 6 year old miniature dachshund who loves to relax :)

Silly Willy by Sheila

Photo 43 - Votes 1341

Second most votes - well done !!

Willy is 6 months old. He is full of energy and a little stubborn.

Doc and Oliver - basking on the patio by Jack

Photo 44- Votes 10

Doc is a black and tan longhair "tweenie" Dachshund. Oliver is a red longhair mini Dachshund. They are not littermates, but from different parentage. Each is adorable, friendly, and very affectionate.

Penny by Cindy

Photo 45 - Votes 45

Penny the Doxie

Penny At The Groomer...She Would Rather Be Elsewhere

Photo 46 - Votes 7

Penny came from a puppy mill run by a husband and wife. She lived in a cage and was bred every time she came into heat.

The wife passed away and a man familiar with their practices took advantage of the situation and offered to buy as many of the doxies as the husband would sell.

He ended up with four more dogs than our small-town pet ordinance allows. Although I'd never had a dog..."I did as a child," I'd begun to think seriously about getting a small dog.

It was shortly after that one of my daughter's sent me a picture message of Penny on my phone with the text,

"this is Penny and she needs a home. She's just been spayed, shots and treated for fleas. She still has some fleas and she's scratched off all the hair on her belly and some other places but Jeff can't keep her or he'll get in trouble with the city and he will give her to you just so she'll be in a home where she's loved."

I didn't have to think long. Within a few days Penny was in our home and she's been a spoiled little mini dachshund ever since.

Although I buy her a 4 Star rated, grain-free (grains make her itch) dry food, my fiance discovered a certified organic raw food at the health food store he frequents and Penny just nibbles at her dry food, knowing that Levi will be by in the evening and he'll give her "the good stuff."

Although she's only ten pounds, she seems to think she's our watch dog and will bark like crazy when someone who doesn't live with us comes over...barks and runs into the other room. Some protection she is!

Living her whole life, previously, in a cage, Penny was never potty trained. It took some time to get that down and she still goes and hides and potties in the house more frequently than she ought to but NEVER will a hand of violence be raised too her.

The first seven years of her life were very rough and all of her pups were taken away. The rest of her life is going to be kind. That's the least we can do for her.

Spoiled??? who me??? by Bambi

Photo 47  - Votes 2

When is mom coming to get me?

This was Andouille (Dewey), he was a Isabelle dachshund that was 3 years old when he was tragically hit by and car and thankfully died a very quick death.  I miss him terribly.  He had the sweetest disposition and loved to get on your shoulders and lay around your neck to take a nap. 

This picture was taken a few days before he died, when he was at my daughter's house for a few days while our other doxie was having some health issues.  She was at her desk and he was staring at her as if to say "when is my mom coming to get me"?  LOL  

Wonderful world of Wally by Steve

Photo 48 - Votes 14

Wally is my name and I am was rescued in 2009 from a puppy mill.
I now have lived a happy and peaceful life with good mommy and daddy , this past spring I had a bout of IVDD , which made my back legs completely unusable , after spending 8 solid weeks in my crate , I can say I am back up on my feet and can walk again

Please stop by my voting station and leave me a vote , I have been to hell and back and deserve a winning chance at life and an Amazon gift card so my parents can buy me some cool new toys.

Woof woof

Snuggles being silly !!!! :) by Amber

Photo 49  - Votes 13

Snuggles is a miniature, short-haired dachshund. He is 3 years old. He loves to play with his bone and loves being silly! He is such a sweet boy!!

His nicknames are Snug, and Snuggie. He loves to snuggle in our lap which is where we got his name Snuggles. 

Running Full Speed with Heart by Carol

Photo 50 - Votes 15

Maggie is a four year old wire haired dachshund and a wonderful member of our family. Her favourite past time is to go riding on an ATV with us. We have built a box for her so that she can ride easily.

She is a true bed hog too... it's amazing how we can move around in bed trying to get comfortable while trying to avoid disturbing her... LOL.

She talks to us when she wants something and gives us "the look" when she doesn't. She makes us laugh every day. Everyone should own one!

Safety First When Hunting With Maggi by Ivan

Photo 51- Votes 2

Maggi runs this house perfectly... between the house and the great outdoors, she has no other time left. She is a breath of fresh air that we adore completely.

Lily, Blossom and Sprout by Marlene

Photo 52 - Votes 4

Photo 53

Photo 54

Photo 55

Lily, Blossom and Sprout are all from the same family. Lily came to us first, after the little dog I had died. My husband told me that he would buy me another puppy if I would go over to the Doxie breed. Lily is the red doxie.

I wanted a dapple, so I asked my friend to let me know when and if she should happen to have a dapple show up. Well, sure enough, Lily had a little half sister dapple. Her name is Blossom. Blossom was supposed to be the last one, but when we met Sprout, he just had to come home with us.

These dogs have a very set mind of their own, and they tell us what they want, and when they want it. They are like children to us and go most everywhere we do.

Sprout is the little one of the bunch, but he sure isn't the quietest! He and Blossom have the same parents, so they are sister and brother. We love these fur babies and think they are beautiful...........

Thinking seriously!

Photo 56 - Votes 2

Photo 57

Photo 58- Votes 2

Lily is our red miniature doxie, Blossom is our first dapple, and Sprout is the baby of the bunch. They are all from the same family. Lily, being the oldest looks after her siblings, and tries to keep them in her sight.

Once in a while, she tries a little too hard and gets grouchy with them, but they hold their own with her. These babies are very important to us, we love them like our children.

They are very spoiled, and go most every where we go. They tell us what they want and most of the time they get it! They let us live with them!

Done.. finished.. pooped... by Theresa

Photo 59 - Votes 5

Shatzi - is a long haired dapple dachshund that is almost 10 years old this year.She loves playing with her balls, and afterwards off to her pink palace! She is funny,loving!..

Our Little Model! by Alicia

Photo 60

So innocent and sweet!

Sleepy! Just woke up.

Photo 61 - Votes 4

Perfect pose!

Photo 62

This is Lexy. She has a drama queen attitude and rules the roost! She has such laughable antics that keep our family on their toes.

Bella Swimming by Kelly

Photo 63

Photo 64

Photo 65 - Votes 4

Photo 66

Bella is the bravest Doxie I have ever met.  She is so sweet and would do anything for you to throw her ball.  She was a rescue from a bad situation and has come such along way!

Jax on Adoption Day! by Kathy

Photo 67 - Votes 1

Jackson is 4 months old and a rescue.  He was found in a Walmart parking lot.  Seems his previous owners had a littler of puppies and Jax was not taken in so they left him.  I adopted him on Saturday, August 11, 2013.  He is fast becoming a wonderful addition to my family.  He is smart and playful and loves everyone!!

Sweetie Weenie by Karen

Photo 68

Mid-lick- Votes 4

Everything is different upside down!

Photo 69

Mikey is fun loving, energetic, and can be a cuddler when needed. He is always on alert for anything new in his environment and loves car rides. He hates being left home alone and loves to be the center of attention.

He has a heart of gold and has supported our family through our hardest times, both being our "shoulder" to cry on and the sight to make us smile.

Whimpers stroll through the grass... by Alisha

Photo 70 - Votes 13

Whimpers is a 5 year old, long haired mini dachshund.

Our Obsession and His Obsession by Derick

Photo 71


Photo 72

Photo 73 - Votes 1

Photo 74

He likes to be in control and he's very protective over me and my wife. He's afraid of small children but very lovable with grown ups.

He loves his spiderman and blue bulls body warmers. If he does not get what he wants he can ignore you for almost an hour.

When he starts grooming my ears he means business and he won't stop until he had enough.

We love him very much.

He also loves his sleep. We got a queen size bed and even though he's so small he takes almost half the bed alone ha ha.

Just lounging... by Samantha

Photo 75 - Votes 1

A fun and adorable, fur buddy.

More Jackson by Kathy

Photo 76


King of Sofa!

Photo 77 - Votes 1

My new toy

Photo 78

He is learning how to walk on a leash and we are going through puppy training.  Loves to nuzzle and has recently acquired his newest and best test friend~!  He is also the King of the Sofa and loves to play!

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